Be up to date.

In recent years, marketing has gone from a fun profession where you were allowed to plan events and bought promotional gifts to a data-driven profession. We no longer talk about the Christmas packages but about the reach, campaigns, demographics and clicks.

Everyone looks at his / her website and expects the marketing department to make a difference. Finally, there is a website and the boss wants to see that it generates money. In addition, large amounts are spent on adwords campaigns and we think in terms of customer retention and website traffic. Words like Ai and chatbots are on the table every day. But did the soup eat so hot or did we just get lost?

In the time before the internet came, we did business by telephone and visited the customer. Marketing was a mailing campaign or newspaper advertisement. Costs were manageable and the customer who came if you had been around for a long time or you still had to fight for it. But was that better?

Marketing and the internet have brought quite a few changes. Certainly also positive. Getting in touch with your customer quickly is becoming easier. Large search engines and social media channels can tell you exactly where and what time your perfect customer goes and what he or she does.

After years of automation and impersonal messages, we are slowly returning to the personal approach. A first call, replaced by a linkedin request. The first visit, replaced by a video call or webinar where you show your knowledge. The written offer, replaced by a digital document mostly with video and a handy digital signature. Not to mention the onboarding of the customer.

Marketing has the burden of creating the digital brochure, the website. Enough trafic to get there through adword campaigns and blogs, as we do. But is it still enough? Is a good but simple website with just the right information not enough? References which clearly tell the pros and cons so that you know what you are starting? Blogs to show you that we know what we are talking about, knowledge as the key? We think so. Adwords campaigns are fun, but I always skip the first 5 ads myself. We are slowly starting to ask more around us again for tips and therefore look for confirmation of the choice.

How does a FIRE fall into this? Value! It is actually sales. A good fire gives value. It is simply worth more. Finally you become “trusted”. A brand can get ambassadors, and you can use it cleverly through marketing.

I believe that sales and marketing have crept into each other’s work area in recent years, unknowingly. That’s why we often choose combi approaches from Growth Commands when companies want to grow with us.

Finally, it is about the conversion of your investments into time and money!