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Marcillaud helps you look at your own business differently. You are drawn from your current structure, the way of thinking and processes in order for you to discover new possibilities. This is how new markets and business models are generated.

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Often parties only look at problems that need to be solved. Most of the times solving takes longer than preventing. We look at how we can prevent these problems for less costs and with more results.


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We look at your organization with a fresh perspective. As a sparring partner, we come up with smart solutions for your challenges. You are stronger with an expert by your side.


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Stay ahead of the competition by applying disruptive thinking to your current business model. Are you going for optimization or are you starting a new company?


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Our customers 

“I worked with MARCILLAUD in an intensive session about our new innovative product concept. I was surprised at their ability to interpret all product details and translate them into various unique business propositions.”

Bart Verweijen

“I have done several strategic account negotiations with Marcillaud, they wer client oriented, good listeners and tried to find always the best taylor made solution. it was a great pleasure to work with them.”

Corinne Ripoche Hecke