Deal or no deal

De betekenis achter ja en nee

Growth is a difficult concept. For one company it means more customers, for another it means more sales and the next talks about margins. Something everyone agrees on, growth ensures continuity!

But where does growth really come from? And how do you ensure that the growth that you have acquired continues? And for some an even more important question, how do you prevent growth from becoming your downfall?

Growth comes from a number of aspects. More new customers versus lost customers, more sales with existing customers, more margin through better purchasing and / or sales or business development.

In Sales people often talk about “hunting”. Search for new opportunities, customers, margin enhancers and revenue enlargers. The trick is to give your organization a new company credit. Growth is success, and success is rewarded.

The market has proven it for years. The growth companies have charisma. They are a brand. A nice workplace, good atmosphere and good pay are the keys to motivate staff. People must feel at one with the organization and its success.

Not only the sales department, but all other departments, the profit for growth is in business. Companies where there is no sales department but service is provided and employees are proud of their company are growing twice as fast with less financial investment.

It is therefore important to let the company credit seep through to all departments so that the company operates as one oiled machine, comes out and deals are closed. A wise person once taught me: you only lose a deal and you win as a team. By making a team effort during every sales process, I did better business, everyone was aware of the latest status and everyone was willing to go the extra mile when needed.

My tip: Work with acquisition lists and profiles. Are you a B2B company? Make sure there are teams that approach a prospect together. Make a plan in advance what exactly you want to offer the customer and how this will be unique versus your competition. Allow all departments to think ahead and provide input. In this way you avoid the well-known saying that the sellers are selling something that the operation afterwards has to fulfill.

Make sure that you let every person involved watch your proposal at all times, no matter how simple. Everyone must support it. Finally, you want a customer to be welcomed and not be bullied away.

Go around the world within 7 connections. The pronunciation is known to some, but means that you know the whole world through 7 steps. How many people can you reach with your colleagues together? Share your prospect list. Let everyone know where you would like to come in. That saves a lot of time.

When you are in the B2C, the game works slightly differently. No branding is almost unthinkable. Price is not always decisive, but appearance and service all the more. A clear external policy and communication is the key to many customers. After all, every person knows almost 300 people. Regardless of the reach via social media and via. So deploying growth is very easy through your colleagues.

Both target groups share a number of important points: Question! Everyone wants to be heard after all. Ask your customer or potential customer for input. Reward people for their time, not with a discount but with concrete products, services or money. Finally, anyone can become an ambassador for your company. And you and your colleagues “manage” all those ambassadors. Another important is service. Pay attention!! Poor service is better than no service, but good service has proven that this results in a double turnover. Everyone can do something wrong, but the solution you offer makes the difference between a happy customer who becomes an ambassador and a dissatisfied customer who costs you more customers. Reviews are killing!

Finally, reward your staff. More free time, internal standing or a financial reward always encourages. Provided there is continuous focus and it is widely supported by the entire company.

Do you want to get started with certain things? Are you missing information? Are you looking for help with implementation? Call Marcillaud! We are happy to spend 30 minutes with you around the table for some input from us about your company.