3 ways for growth in 2019

And all years thereafter…

The new year has started again and there is a good chance that you too are looking for that one way to put yourself on the map in 2019! Although I myself am far from the good intentions for the new year, I do believe in setting concrete goals and developing a strategy that realizes growth. In addition, I firmly believe that growth always comes down to one of the following three ways.

The goal that I hear by far the most (and one of the three ways) is, yes, getting more customers. This starts with generating more leads. You may need a new campaign to generate more leads, or you may want to research to find a new market that may also benefit your product.

Think carefully about who your prospects are, what their needs are, but especially what keeps them awake at night. For the salesman it can be, achieving targets, for the project manager it can be the deadlines. And don’t forget people don’t buy practically, they buy based on emotion.

If someone buys a new car, this is because they get a certain feeling with this new container. Of course he will substantiate his choice with the specifications to justify it to himself or his wife. What does this mean for you? The customer wants to work with you because he or she gets the right feeling from you, make sure you show that you understand the customer or nicely said “First seek to understand, then to be understood”. This gives the account manager his right to exist.

The second method for growth is to create more sales from your existing customers. Current customers buy more from you than before. This can be because of a good ROI from your product, a good sales campaign from you or your sales team, because of innovations in the market or your company that are of even more value for your customer or growth with your customers that make more purchasing possible.

Although I am convinced that growth with current customers can be good for your company, I also believe that more customers offer special value. Independence. More customers who make small contributions ensures that you are not dependent on a customer who is responsible for 80% of your turnover.

Do you already have several customers and are the quantities well distributed? Go for more revenue from existing customers for your time and invest money in acquisition often a lot of profit can be gained here.

The third way is not there. As I write this, I realize that the third method comes down to one of the two previous methods I told you. And now you probably think, why does he write this down? Comes down to the following, everyone tries to present themselves perfectly today, but it is the imperfections that make us human and that is what connects us. In addition, 3 methods sound better than 2.

Start by looking at your current situation. Are you dependent on a small group of customers or do you already have several customers but do you think you can get more out of this? Start with a plan and make it concrete. Set deadlines with objectives and achievable targets. Attracting 10 customers in a month is not a target, 100 prospects are approaching.

Are you looking for someone who can help you with a plan, a right hand who thinks along with you or someone who oversees and controls your growth process? Then contact us.