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August 15, 2019

3 Ways for growth in 2019

3 ways for growth in 2019 And all years thereafter… The new year has started again and there is a good chance that you too are looking for that one way to put yourself on the map in 2019! Although I myself am far from the good intentions for the newLees meer

August 1, 2019

The company credit

Deal or no deal De betekenis achter ja en nee Growth is a difficult concept. For one company it means more customers, for another it means more sales and the next talks about margins. Something everyone agrees on, growth ensures continuity! But where does growth really come from? And howLees meer

July 7, 2019

Deal or no deal

Deal or no deal The meaning behind yes and no Is a no deal bad? Most sales people are disappointed when the customer’s answer is NO. But almost everyone forgets the next steps. If you buy a bicycle, car or house, the chance is naturally smaller that someone will comeLees meer

June 15, 2019

Marketing anno 2019

MARKETING ANNO 2019 Be up to date. In recent years, marketing has gone from a fun profession where you were allowed to plan events and bought promotional gifts to a data-driven profession. We no longer talk about the Christmas packages but about the reach, campaigns, demographics and clicks. Everyone looksLees meer
Disrupt your own business model   Entrepreneurs are concerned about whether their business will still be relevant and competitive in two years. Rightly so. Because disruptive companies such as Netflix, Blendle, Uber, Spotify, Airbnb, HelloFresh and Zalando are turning the revenue model of entire sectors upside down. Even the mostLees meer
You can learn this from 5 companies that have successfully changed course     Change course. It is a radical decision. But also the best you could ever have made. That applies at least to the five companies below. Their change, of course, became a resounding success. From unemployed projectLees meer