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– Dreams are goals with deadlines 

Our Story

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. Since 2012 we have been working independently for different parties to turn their challenges into new business opportunities. Our experts all have a track record at both large SMEs and corporate Netherlands, and are internationally active in coaching our clients.

We have helped more than 117 companies. The focus in these processes was on growth, recruitment and the development of new innovative business models.

Marcillaud is not focused on hourly rate but result oriented towards her customers. That makes us unique. We do not provide unnecessary powerpoints or extensive reports. We only take actions  that make customers earn money.

Our business ideology

Ideas are the basis for building something beautiful.

Only companies based on a great idea become great companies. This means that companies must find these ideas. We achieve this during strategy sessions.


Strategy sessions are important for the growth of the company and the continuity of every company.

By gaining ideas about not only new products or services, but also about recruitment, communication and process management, companies are continuously successful.


Closing the international trade gap between east and west by connecting companies with people and overcoming culture and language barriers. By setting up and supporting local entities, we fill the gap that most companies cannot solve.


By sharing our knowledge, we help Start-ups, but also corporates, to innovate better. We believe that every startup or scaleup is better off with a good customer than an investment. We match you with the right companies to realize the innovation and growth of your company.


With Bricklinq you not only save money, but also valuable time. How? With learned data. We compare the data of thousands of Bricklinq users. The result? unprecedented good advice! You save and help others save. All data from your house in one place.

Our approach

Our mission is to share our experience with you to create new ideas, new business models and a renewed spirit within your company. We believe that innovation is the answer to creating new business opportunities. Reaching new markets and customers, while attracting and retaining the right employees. To create your new business model, we mix the knowledge of your current staff with the knowledge of our specialists. The use of our specialists not only brings opportunities in creating new networks, new markets and customers, but also brings forward an external venture. We get ideas and offer you solid business cases.

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Our customers

Frederic is a great networker. During the nine months we’ve been working in the same region he’s been able togenerate an amazing amount of new corporate customers. He’s able to profile himself as the face of the company and by consequence he appeared in numerous local business magazines. Next to this he’s a real sales person being able to get any possible deal signed in no time. A real added value to the sales force of any company. Of course this he does in combination with the managerial skills to lead and coordinate the daily events in numerous business centers.

Sebastian van Overtfeldt

Frederic is an entrepeneur with a high business acumen. Frederic is a driven, intelligent and inspirational leader that does not settle for second best at any time. The words energy, inspiration and professionalism are characteristic for Frederic. Always looking for possibilities and growth. Frederic’s depth of knowledge of sales & business development are excellent and his advice of great value. His approach is customer oriented and by doing so he knows how to create a win win situation. I know Frederic as an energetic personality with high motivating skills as he has trained our students. All our students were really impressed and have enjoyed the sessions given by Frederic. He has helped our students in sharpening several of their business propositions and continuously still supports us with his broad commercial experience, sales knowledge and coaching skills

Damon Golriz