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How to reach your customers

Any business owner knows, that the key to a successful business that generates profits is to realize sales. The more you sell, the more profits you have. While this is cut and dry, the “how to realize your sales” part can be rather complicated. How do you find those sales and distribution channels?

Get more Sales

There are hundreds, if not thousands of companies you can hire to start new sales & distribution channels for your business. However, some are more cost effective than others. Your goal as a business owner is to get the most Sales you can per Sales dollar so that the profits per customer are greater.  

The right channels is key

The obvious answer is to promote your business, network, travel and invest time and money. The question is how to do this effectively. Marcillaud focuses on getting you the right Sales & Distribution channels in more than 20 countries, within 6 months while reducing your costs.

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Pragmatic Sales force
Professional Key account management
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International Sales | +50 Key Account Managers | +4000 established Sales & Distribution channels | Cost reduction on Sales activities

Access Europe

We are present in more than 20 countries, understanding local dynamics, needs and wants. The easiest way to get “in” is to be the insider.


The power of Network

A lot of time and investment is spent on developing and managing a qualitative Network. We already have the right people in place and we have been managing Market networks for over 14 years.

Save time and money

If you don’t have to spend it, you don’t have to make up for it! We reduce your costs and save your time. We guarantee clarity and achievement first in our pricing.

Sales & Distribution

Our vision is to generate results, by designing each Sales & Distribution strategy based on facts and data, incorporating the most effective process and managing the most suited channels.



We love what we do, and we want to give people the right stage to share their products in new environments. We believe that developing business is very personal, in the end it is done by people.


We look at your business and match it to the right markets to enhance product landing. We do this by combining the power of Communications and Sales into one process.

We create, connect and manage sales & distribution channels

The right experts any time anywhere | Build your European success | Demand driven approach

Save time and money

We work with the latest communication tools to stay in front of the developments.

Any time Any where

Are you ready to launch your Sales internationally?

"Driven, intelligent, inspirational and do not settle for second best at any time. Always looking for possibilities and growth!"

− Damon Golriz, The Hague University

"I have done several strategic account negotiations with MARCILLAUD, they are client oriented, good listeners and try to find always the best taylor made solution. it was a great pleasure to work with MARCILLAUD."

− Corinne Ripoche, Adecco

"MARCLLAUD means result driven people, with good understanding of procedures, technical related positions and focussed on result. One of the few good managers I know in this industry."

− Sjoerd Deibert, DEPOpersoneel

"MARCILLAUD is able to generate an amazing amount of new corporate customers and able to get any possible deal signed in no time. A real added value to the sales force of any company!"

− Sebastian van Overtfeldt, Van-O